your company

Are you eligible to participate?

If your company meets ANY of the following requirements, you are eligible to present your company…

+ Have principals/employees that attended
or are attending CSU

+ Use CSU technology

+ Engaged (currently or in the past) with one
of the following incubators/accelerators:

    - Innosphere

    - RIC (Research Innovation Center)

    - Institute for Entrepreneurship – College of Business

    - GSSE program – College of Business

    - Energy Institute

    - CSU Ventures


Why should you participate?

Opportunity to network and to identify:

+ Talent (employees, cxo’s, etc.)

+ Investment opportunities (Venture Capital, Angel networks, Alumni)

Opportunity to win some of $5k award money

+ People’s Choice Company Display - $1250 ($500x2, $250)

+ Company Lightning Talks - $3750 ($1500x1, $750x3)