Poster Showcase

Graduate students and postdocs present their cutting edge work in a stimulating environment which fosters entrepreneurial thinking. 

Over $30,000 will be awarded across 12 award categories.


Why you should submit an abstract…

Develop your science communication skills and showcase your entrepreneurial ideas. Interact with other innovative students and faculty, and network with startup company representatives.

Abstract Content Information

Abstracts for Demo Day are not your typical academic abstract.  Rather than telling us about the background/methods/results, we want you to tell us about how your research will create positive results in society.  This means creating a story:  What problem in society your research/innovative idea solves, why we should care about solving that problem, what your research/innovative idea is (overview/summary), and who would be interested in using your research/innovative idea. 

All awards are $3000 each ($1000 to the presenter, $2000 to the main PI lab/ Program) unless otherwise specified.

Specialty Awards (4)
All posters that fit within a specialty category are eligible for the specialty award regardless of college association. CSU Ventures will determine which research qualifies for additional Specialty Award groups. 

Additional judges (faculty, staff, alumni) will be assigned to evaluate Specialty Awards separate from Innovation Awards.  

College Innovation Awards (8)  
All posters from a given College will be included in the set of posters judged for that College's Innovation Award. 

People’s Choice Awards (2)
All posters will be judged by attendees for the People’s Choice Awards. First place is $500, second place is $250.